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German Shepherd, Born 16th Jan 2008.

German Shepherd dogs (Alsatians) are pretty much what their name says, bred for herding sheep, they are a loving and loyal breed often a 'one man' dog. Known mainly for their territorial and guarding instincts, this is one of the reasons why we chose a GSD, our other little girl (Mishka) is far too friendly and needs a bodyguard!

Here are some of our very first pictures of our new little doggie in the stable in March, we have given him a stable of his own, his soft long coat will mean it's far too warm for him in the house.

He was very timid at first, frightened of his own shadow, but he is gaining confidence slowly.

Sometimes he looks more like a Teddy Bear.

Now he has started to make himself at home.

May 2008.

This is the dog that was going to live outside and be a guard dog, well? looks like I've been had (again), Here's Kimba learning how to read a newspaper. He's had a good tutor in Mishka.

He was quite timid at first, but is gaining confidence, and here he is being put in his place, not long now before the tables are turned, make the most of it Mishka, he's nearly as big as you already.

He's really at home now, wandering around the garden and further afield if the gate is left open, his ears have started to meet at the top, he'll soon grow into them.

Uh oh! it was too good to last, Kimba pulled and chewed a dangling cable, the circular saw at the other end fell on his toe (now broken, doh!). He will need that bandage for agood while, and the satellite dish for as long as he tries to chew at it, what a clot!
The Vet is well pleased with his progress and says he should make a complete dog after all!  :-)

Jun/July 2008.

Mended at last, we were all glad when that bandage came off but it means he's missed out on a lot of early training, he is a real pain on the lead and tries to drag you along no matter how much lead he has.

He hobbled around for a while then he was back to normal, bouncing all over Mishka whenever he could, it's all just a big game to him, Mishka is starting to get weary of it.

He's huge now, much bigger than Mishka... and he's only six months old. Although he still gets his 'cuddles' it's becoming a struggle as he buries the girls, it can't go on for much longer....

He started to limp again, from the back this time, we treated a lump on his back leg and all was well.

But now he's limping at the front again, that same leg that was injured last time, Ye Gods!

2004, In late October, Kimba had an operation on that front leg to remove some cartiledge, he'll be having the other leg done soon.


The operations went absolutely fine and we did manage to introduce him to the sea at Hornsea, he was OK with it at first but then started to flee when even the tiniest of ripples were heading towards him.

Mishka and Kimba constantly play fight each other, Kimba usually starts first then Mishka soon warms to the idea of a game.

Kimba has started watching 'The Dog Whisperer' Caesar Millan on TV, no really! he watches intently, barks when the dogs on TV bark then runs into the kitchen to find out where they have gone.... Despite watching all those dog repair programs he's still naughty.

... But he STILL gets his cuddles, only now he smothers anyone and can only get halfway on the settee. Doh! I ask you?


Whenever there is a hosepipe around, Kimba is there too and will play for hours with a jet of water,

What a great big face he has, and a mane... looks like a lion sometimes, it must get a bit hot in the Summer probably one reason why he loves the hospipe...

Oh dear, looking miserable again and with good reason this time. This was just after his man bits were removed, so he's only half the dog he used to be and all that.

Kimba the Lion, down the local fields on a walk.

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