My H2b/c

KAWASAKI  H2b, 750cc, Bought in June 1999.

The H2 first hit the UK roads in 1972, the H2b is a 1974 model although this one was constructed from parts in 1987, it then sat in a wood workshop for over ten years until I bought it. Building it into a different frame relieved it of the dam Q reg in favour of a proper year plate.

2000 - 2001         Go to the Restoration story....

Just after the rebuild, we had already had a ride out to North Wales, I had been warned that H2s weave around a lot, several months later I discovered that I had forgotten to tighten up the swing arm pivot! Doh!
That hard seat was like sitting on a brick wall and had to go.

Setting off for a ride out to the Craven Collection, the luggage rack had been added earlier in the year and is a permanent fixture these days, I had also lowered the front end, to bring the road nearer to my feet.

We stopped at the Old Squires caff in Sherburn (now a courtyard of houses) before the next thrash to Stockton.

When we went to Thoresby Hall car and bike show in Notts, I thought I might as well join the show lineup, it was for free after all (cheapskate), 'Young' Bob was also there on his stunning Z1.

2003 - 2004.

Filling up at the 2003 Northern Triples Rally, or rather watching everyone else fill up.               

Early Morning parked outside the weekends temporary 'house' for the Southern Triples Rally near Aylesbury, that hill doesn't look nearly as steep in a picture.

Race? The Kwack would win hands down... there's no engine in the Lightning at Doncaster Air Museum, there are no engines in any of them come to think of it.

This is the side you don't get to see too often, pictures of Triples are almost exclusively taken from the right hand side! The seat has just been lowered to bring the ground closer to my legs.

2006 - 2008.

Mikel Katzengreis took this picture of her at the 2006 Triples Northern Rally, unfotunately I lost all my pictures that year. I had the camera on my lap whilst riding, this puts it right above the ignition boxes...  

In April 2007 there was a somewhat chilly ride out to Devils Bridge, a well known watering hole for bikers. About 100 yards after this picture, Ray's bike (in the middle here) expired with a charging problem.

Sam got this shot of me leaving the 2007 Southern Rally in search of an evening meal with Delboy. The fairing was for the German Rally a month earlier and it's also become a permanent feature along with the rack since then.

Here she is at the 2008 Northern Triples Rally, there was just enough time to show both bikes before the rain returned with a vengeance.


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