Hi There! A little bit about us.

Graham and Jane.

The first pictures were taken in 1994 during our holidays on the island of Bandos in the Maldives. The Maldives really are a paradise, no amount of photographs or television pictures can convey just how beautiful the islands are in reality.

The Maldives looks remarkably like most other places in the dark though...

We also spent a fortnight in Sri Lanka where we were Married on the 28th October 1994 at  Bentota. Also, we bumped into... Dr Clarke and Pepsi at home (Name dropper!!).  He just loved a visit by anyone from the home country. His computer was broken and I just couldn't keep me fingers off.
Sadly, of course, he passed away in 2008.

Here's Jane, the Biker chick on the Kawasaki Triples Rally ride out to Matlock Bath in July 99, she says that her hair looked like she had come on a motorbike,  Matlock Bath is a favourite watering hole for bikers.


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